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Full-time Teachers
Name Title Areas of Specialization E-mail Lab
Bih-Sheue Shieh Professor and Department head Fuzzy Mathematics、Nonparametric statistics、Mathematical Education C101-1A ext. 650、559
Chi-Tsun Yeh Professor Fuzzy Mathematics、algebra、Mathematical Education C211 ext. 598
Tzung-Sin Yeh Professor Differential Equations C101-1C ext. 557
Hsin-Min Sun Professor Discrete Mathematics, Algebra C209-5 ext. 595
Bey-Chi Lin Professor Graph theory、Switching Network、Discrete Mathematics C209-6 ext. 594
Jhih-Cheng Chen Professor Mathematics Education, Mathematics Teacher Training, Cultural Response Mathematics Curriculum and Teaching C209-3 ext. 654
Chien-Chung Huang Associate Professor Mathematical Education 、Numerical Analysis C101-1B ext. 556
Yin-Liang Huang Associate Professor Numerical Analysis、Scientific Computing、Computational Fluid Dynamics C211 ext. 531
Hsian-Yang Chen Associate Professor Vertex operator algebra C504 ext. 588
Yen-Chang Huang Assistant Professor Differential Geometry, Geometric Analysis, Applications of Artificial intelligence in Image Processing C209-7 ext. 596