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Brief Introduction 
There are three stages for the Department of Applied Mathematics. 

The Department was established in July 1987. At first stage (from 1987 to 1998), it is Department of Mathematics and Natural Science Education and there are two majors, Mathematics Education in group A and Natural Science Education in group B in the department.
In july 1998, the department was separated into two parts: Group A was independent as the Department of Mathematics Education, and Group B as the Department of Natural Science Education. It was lasted 12 years (from 1998 to 2010) and it's the second stage of the department. Now we are going to the third stage: the Department of Applied Mathematics since August 2010. 

We remain the original goal : training teachers, and expand the goal to applied mathematics(using algebra or discrete mathematics to do scientific computation). 
We hope our new expanded department can delicate more efforts and give more influence on mathematics and education.
The educational goals of the Department of Applied Mathematics are:

A . Developing students methematical thinking,deducation, and Problem Solving ability.

B. Developing  students to use algebra, Discrete Mathematics or Analytic mathematics as a tool to do scientific computation.

C. Developing student to be a good mathematics teacher.